for 2012: Subliminal Messages to Transform Your Golf Game!

* 30 minute tracks     * Instant .mp3 Downloads     * $14.99 Each!

* Improve Consistency     * Lower Scores     * Eliminate Mental Mistakes  presents...

Subliminal solutions for today's thinking golfer.


No frills, no nonsense, just 9 effective subliminal recordings to help you fine-tune your game.

All you consciously hear in any of the tracks is a half hour of ocean waves. But your subconscious hears something else; it hears (and understands) a voice. The voice communicates with your inner golfer. The voice knows things about golf.

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People use recordings with subliminal messages for all kinds of thinking-related behavior and performance improvements. Why not Golf? Absolutely no reason, because here it is!

Golf Ninja subliminal audio downloads are brought to you as a new project for Spring of 2012 by the producers of  SPRUDIO SUBLIMINAL audio self-help products.